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Lapco Cocker Breach Sizer .680

Lapco Cocker Breach Sizer .680

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A breech sizer is a barrel adapter created in the hey-day of closed bolt markers and is made even better today because of the LAPCO commitment to constant product improvement.

By installing this adapter between the Cocker threaded barrel and the Cocker threaded marker, you will prevent balls from rolling out of the barrel without losing any accuracy. This is an especially effective accessory to prevent paint roll-out from pump and other closed bolt markers.

The Cocker Breech Sizer will also act as a ball centering device. An effectively centered paintball ensures an even cushion of air around the ball, before it starts its journey down the barrel. By centering the ball before it enters the barrel, ball stabilization has been achieved, producing a better result from the shot, than with the barrel alone.

Do not be confused. The cocker breech sizer does not act as control bore and is not a replacement for a high-quality barrel. The breech sizer must be used in combination with a high-quality barrel for optimal accuracy and gas efficiency results.

LAPCO continually monitors the thread specs used by different manufacturers to ensure that our breech sizers will fit the largest proportion of thread specs available. Every sizer is manufactured to be backwards compatible to all previously manufactured specs of the Cocker thread type.

LAPCO Cocker Breech Sizers will not diminish accuracy of the marker or the barrel.

LAPCO Cocker Breech Sizers will not cause ball breaks.

Each breech sizer has an extremely good interior finish.

Prevents Barrel Roll-Out in closed bolt markers, like Autocockers and Cocker Pumps.

Optimized thread specs to be as universal as possible and to be backwards compatible to all previously manufactured specs.

Will not diminish accuracy.

Will not cause ball breaks.

High quality interior finish.

Made from very high grade aluminum, custom formulated for LAPCO.

Anodized using a proprietary process that produces an extra hard and durable finish.

Made 100% in-house in the USA.

Every adapter carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never have to use.

Every sizer is laser engraved with the bore size and the LAPCO scorpion.

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