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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Geo IV Core Kit - Fits any Geo model

Planet Eclipse Geo IV Core Kit - Fits any Geo model

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The IVCore bolt assembly is the drivetrain for both the legendary Eclipse GSL and the new GEO3.5 and is now available as a retro-fit upgrade for all GEO marker models.

It�s quick and easy to install to all of the following GEO markers: GEO, GEO+, SL91, GEO2, GEO2.1, GEO3 and GEO3.1 and includes all private label versions of these markers. Installing the IVCore will dramatically improve your marker�s performance and efficiency with immediate results..

Which, in real terms, means:

    • Increases efficiency - More shots per fill

    • Reduced sound signature - For more stealth

    • Softer shot - Even easier on brittle paint

Kit Includes :

    • x1 Soft Tip Bolt

    • x1 Hard Tip Bolt

    • x1 Bag of Spares (O-Rings/Seals)

    • x2 Spare Soft Bolt Tips

    • x1 Propshaft Assembly

  • Installation Instructions
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