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Plexus Plastic Cleaner Protectant & Polish 7 oz

Plexus Plastic Cleaner Protectant & Polish 7 oz

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Plexus seals the pores in plastic surfaces with a micro-thin layer of shiny, protective wax, making it resistant to debris, oil, scratches, and eventual yellowing. Developed for use in the aviation industry - specifically, for cleaning and protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces, people quickly discovered it could be used on a limitless variety of plastic surfaces. Use it on your vinyl windows, hatch covers, mirrors, laminated surfaces, eyewear, computer screens... just about any place you would normally use plastic cleaner. Its convenient aerosol applicator prevents dripping, leaking, evaporating, and coagulating at the tip of the nozzle (as is common with pumps and squeeze bottles). Plexus makes colored plastics vibrant, makes clear plastic virtually transparent, and leaves plastic paints gleaming like new.

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