Sly Paintball Pro-Merc S12 Back Player Arm Bounce Pad L/XL

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The new S12 Pro-Merc Elbow pads are the latest evolution of the best elbow pad in the game--breaking new ground in material applications and fluidity of movement. Driven by the project's goals of weight reduction, supreme articulation, and paint deflection, SLY has developed an arm pad that is virtually forgotten when worn beneath the jersey. Rather than using the tired method of heat-formed EVA, the S12 Elbow Pads utilize segregated, articulated padding that is strategically implemented in known impact and abrasion zones.


  • Light Weight Visco-Elastic Foam
  • Supreme Articulation
  • Bounce Integration
  • Power Band Support
  • Kevlar Panels for Abrasion Resistance
  • Thermal Logos
  • Integrated Cuffs