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Smart Parts

Smart Parts Shocker AMP

Smart Parts Shocker AMP

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The Shocker Amp Paintball Gun is the newest addition to the Shocker line of paintball markers.  The Shocker Amp (Advanced Modular Performance) features the new Amp Core bolt system making the Shocker Amp more efficient with a lower operating pressure.  On top of the Amp Core, the Shocker Amp features a tool-less solenoid removal to change between mechanical and electronic trigger frames!  This is a first of its kind. 

The Shocker Amp features the new AMP Core bolt system which has a much lower operating pressure of 110 PSI versus the 180 PSI of the Shocker XLS.  This makes the Shocker Amp much more efficient than the Shocker XLS as well as capable of shooting the most brittle paintballs.

Everything on the Shocker Amp is designed for ease of disassembly as well as conversion between mechanical and electronic firing.  The Shocker AMP features a tool-less solenoid valve removal to effortlessly switch between mechanical and electronic trigger frames.  Only one screw is needed to remove the trigger frame from the body of the gun with the fast latch frame on the front of the Amp acting to secure the trigger frame into place.  The 2 piece board design features a wireless design to ensure that your eye wires do not get pinched when re-attaching your trigger frame to your marker.  

The Shocker Amp Paintball marker has been redesigned from the ground up to accommodate both the mechanical paintball player and player who prefers electronic play.  The Amp core bolt system is revolutionary change in shot quality of the Shocker platform of markers with greater efficiency, reliability, and ability to fire the most brittle paintballs.  

- Improvements made to the OLED screen cover increase water/debris resistance.
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