Stella Barrel System Back Matte Black - 0.695

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The Stella Barrel System is the first truly new idea in paintball barrels in a long time. Simon Stevens has come up with this revolutionary system of barrel backs, fronts, and tips. Each plays it's own part in making this what many consider to be the best barrel system ever. The back sold here is an 8" control back, and is to be used in conjunction with your chosen front and tip.

If you have the right back and front for the paint you are shooting, this is a very quiet and accurate barrel. It also shoots brittle paint better than anything we have tried.

Each component of this barrel system ships to you from PB Sports with a nice protective tube for storage.

- Backs are available in .675, .680, .685, .690, .695 and "Freak"

- Fronts are available in 0.698, 0.689, 0.683

- 8" control bore back

- Autococker "standard" threads with quick thread design

- Tips are 0.70" bore and available to change barrel from 14" to 16" or more. Or to add accessories.

- Compatible with other tips on the market for speedball or tactical styles or Apex or make your own.

- Smaller ports and lots of them to make it quiet.

- Rear facets to aid barrel removal. Along with larger first porting which opens into the tip and allows the use of a plastic wrench to remove the barrel if on an autococker or pump.

- Front section designed to work with the Apache go pro mount (see our other listings) so the camera stays with the barrel tip to allow swapping of the backs easily and conveniently.

- Available "a la carte" to make the exact barrel you want or as a complete kit from PB Sports.

This Stella Back is for Autococker threaded paintball markers.