TechT Gun Sav Paintball Gun Grease

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Lubrication is the life giving blood to any paintball marker. No matter if you shoot a DM, Autococker, Ion, or Tippmann, your marker REQUIRES lubrication. All greases are slick....but this stuff is super slick. Most greases are thick. For most paintball applications most "paintball greases" are too thick. It's the thickness of any grease that causes what TechT call "stiction". This is were the thickness/tackiness of the grease actually holds the part in one place. This tackiness slows down your marker and makes for less consistency and efficiency. Gun Sav is specially blended for minimal "stiction", and maximum part movement. Gun Sav adheres to the part, and stays were you put it. There's no need to glob this grease on, a little bit goes a long way. This grease is dangerously slick. Try wont want to use anything else. This grease is designed to work in any application where lubrication is needed. (On a paintball gun)