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Techt Hush Bolt for Empire Resurrection Autococker

Techt Hush Bolt for Empire Resurrection Autococker

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The TECHT Hush Bolt is designed to maximize the overall performance of Empire RESURRECTION AUTOCOCKER. Their goal is always to make the most durable and air efficient bolt, while at the same time achieving the lowest possible sound signature. TECHT's Hush Bolt for the RESURRECTION utilizes "Even-Flow" air passage technology and perfectly sized o-ring fit to achieve maximum overall performance.

The Hush Bolt achieves better efficiency by utilizing air that is otherwise wasted. The two rearmost o-rings capture all of the air released and forces it through the bolt to fire the ball, and the front o-ring seals the barrel/breach to ensure that the air cannot escape anywhere except down the barrel to propel the ball.

The "Even-Flow" venturi face design along with the Sweeping Air Diversion Ramp allows the Hush Bolt to obtain optimal efficiency, while quieting the sound signature of the RESURRECTION significantly.

The TECHT HUSH Bolts are all made from 900 SP Series Delrin which makes it cycle smoother and have lower wear and friction properties.

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