TechT Super Bolt Anti Chop Bolt System - Tippmann

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Since the beginning of time, players have been plagued with the problem of chopping paint. Over the years some paintball guns have been fitted with breech eye sensors to help combat this problem. Unfortunately, breech eye sensors are costly and most paintball guns being manufactured still do not have breech sensors. Because of this, most paintball guns still chop paint.  TechT aims to change that! The TechT Super Bolt Series is the latest in Anti-Chop Bolt Technology for paintball markers that do not feature breech eye sensors. TechT combined the durability of an all aluminum bolt, with the radial ramping bolt face from our very popular HUSH BOLT SERIES to reduce ball clipping, and paired that with the perfect strength spring to make the best anti-chop bolt possible. The Super Bolt literally SPRINGS INTO ACTION when it senses that a paintball is not fully loaded in the breech. The Super Bolt's special ability is that it can stop it's forward movement on a partially loaded paintball, and retract without chopping the ball. Instead of destroying (chopping) the partially loaded paintball and making a mess of your breech and barrel, and take you out of the zone, the Super Bolt will stop on the ball, and retract so that the ball can fully load for the next shot. 
-Anti-Chop Technology
-All Aluminum Design for Durability
-Radial Ramping Face to Reduce Ball Stack Clipping
-Fits MANY Tippmann, Valken, and BT Markers

 Fits In:

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black
Tippmann US ARMY Alpha Black Tactical
Tippmann Gryphon
Tippmann Chronus
Tippmann FT-12
Tippmann A-5
Tippmann X7
Tippmann 98
Tippmann 98 Custom
Tippmann 98 Pro Platinum
Tippmann Project Salvo
Gi-Milsim Guns
Tippmann SL-68
Tippmann Pro-Lite
Bt Delta Elite
BT-4 Slice
JT Tactical
All Valken SW-1