TechT Tippmann Cyclone Complete Upgrade Combo Kit - Black

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Lightening Rod: The Lightening Rod is designed to work in conjunction with our Vortex Mod and Quick Exhaust Piston Housing. Together, the parts will yield higher rates of fire, and increased air efficiency. The secret to the performance gains is the brass bushing located where the ratchet and piston rod met. The Lightening Rod is made of 7071 grade anodized billet aluminum which is stronger than any other like it. To reduce drag and friction during operation it utilizes a self lubricating brass bushing. The recent changes have been made to increase its performance and durability even more than before. The newest Lightening Rods are made of stronger aluminum and the thickest and strongest brass bushings available. This means a longer wear life than any other. To date we have had ZERO returns on Lightening Rods with our new brass bushing. Vortex: The Vortex Mod was the first hard-coated and teflon coated aluminum internals that replace the stock plastic internals of the Tippmann Cyclone Feed to be released in the paintball industry. The popularity of electronic controls in Tippmann A5, X7, and 98's that allow for rates of fire of up to 30 BPS, has warranted the need for higher performing internals for the cyclone feed that will allow the loader to keep up with the marker. Our testing has shown that the Vortex Mod will allow the Cyclone feed to work at lower pressures, feed faster, and last up to 1000 times longer than the stock plastic cyclone feed internals. While stock cyclone internals need to be replaced on a regular basis, the Vortex Mod is a permanent solution that makes the cyclone into the fastest, and most reliable loader available. Since its release, the Vortex Mod has been the most widely used, and most trusted name in cyclone upgrades. The Vortex Mod is specifically designed to be the fastest, smoothest actuating, and most durable/long lasting upgrade available. The "Genuine" Vortex Mod is by far the most durable and highest performing cyclone upgrade available. If it wasn't, we would redesign it to crush the competition...again...that's just how we roll. The Vortex Mod will feed upwards to 30+ balls per second and continue to load down to pressures as low as 150psi. Stock parts only feed up to 15 balls per second and only down to a pressure of 400 psi Q.E.P.H.: Here is a first look at our new "patent pending" Quick Exhaust Piston Housing for the Cyclone Loader. The QEPH is designed to rapidly vent the blast of air that is used to advance the loader. By venting the gas quickly, the loader responds instantly. This equates to faster loading with lower pressure. The standard A5 piston housing has no venting ports (very bad). X7 Piston housing has forward exhaust ports only (better). Meaning that it only exhausts the air that is in front of the piston....not behind it. Its the air behind the piston that is doing all the work and really needs to be vented in order for faster loading. Our QEPH is a forward and reverse exhaust tube. It exhausts the air in front the piston during the piston stroke and behind the piston at the end of the piston stroke. Venting the air in front of the piston in the early part of the stroke means that less pressure is needed to advance the loader and venting the air behind the piston allows the loader to return faster. We were never impressed with the exhausting capacity of putting a normal QEV on the cyclone, and after seeing the idea behind X7 piston housing we decided to take it to the next level. We've combined those two venting ideas into one part. The materials we use are better than that of the stock piston housings, the internal finish is much smoother and is teflon coated, they perform much better (increasing speed and efficiency), and they look way cooler. This part is designed to do what the normal QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve) attempts to do. With the QEPH there are no gaskets to keep clean, and its exhaust is as fast as physically possible. Squishy Paddles: The Squishy Paddles were designed to help people using the cyclone feed eliminate ball breakage due to cold tempertures, brittle paint and high feed rates. SAVE $10 by buying the combo!!!!!!!!