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Umarex Multfit Paddle Holster - Black

Umarex Multfit Paddle Holster - Black

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Store your sidearm away properly and eliminate the need to buy a different holster for each gun at the same time with the Umarex MultiFit Paddle holster. Simply adjust the five Allen head screws to open the holster to fit your particular model. The good news is you can attain a fit for several different handguns with one adjustment setting. The UX MultiFit holster will accommodate over 80 different handgun models and has an open end that won't get in the way of barrel extensions or muzzle devices you may have mounted on your handgun. The paddle is easily adjustable for cant and will ride comfortably in the two through six o'clock positions.

Compatible models include:

  • All Glock™ Models except G42
  • All HK® Pistols except MK23 Ruger® P345PR™ Smith and Wesson* M&P* Pistols
  • All Walther® Pistols
  • All T4E® Pistols except HDR
  • All Beretta® Pistols
  • All 1911’s


  • Fits Over 80 Different Handgun Models
  • Adjustable to allow narrower or wider handguns to fit
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Level One Retention
  • Paddle Style Attachment
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