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Valken Airsoft Tango Single Lens V-TAC Goggle

Valken Airsoft Tango Single Lens V-TAC Goggle

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The Valken Tango single lens goggles are low profile tactical goggles that don't sacrifice protection, field of view, or performance. These airsoft goggles are perfect to be used as eye protection, or during other work related jobs against chemical splash, sun glare, dust, flying particles, and wind. The soft PVC goggle body conforms to facial contours to provide a full rubber eye seal. The Tango airsoft goggle features a full perimeter ventilation system sealed with foam to filter against dust particles while still allowing air flow and heat release. We also recommend using these goggles in combination with either the Valken Kilo Mesh Mask, or the Valken Tango Mesh Mask for overall safety and protection.


  • Protects against chemical splash,sun glare,dust,flying particles,and wind
  • Full seal eye protection
  • 160° vision
  • Multi-coated anti-fog single pane lenses
  • Three single lenses: clear,gray,and yellow
  • Foam dust seal
  • Wide adjustable head strap
  • Nylon protective stealth sleeve
  • Prescription insert
  • Carrying bag with spare lens pocket
  • Compatible with disposable face masks and mesh masks
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Meets European EN166 standards
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