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Valken Complex Barrel - Tippmann A-5 16"

Valken Complex Barrel - Tippmann A-5 16"

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Do you want the ultimate in accuracy for your paintball marker? Do you want mean milsim looks for your tactical paintball marker? If you answered "yes" to those questions then the Valken Complex Rifled Paintball Barrel is what you need! This barrel delivers enhanced accuracy and real world appearance for your milsim shooter. The Complex Paintball Barrel is precision crafted from high quality aluminum. Full length spiral rifling is machined into the inner bore for the utmost in paintball accuracy. Three rows of barrel porting exhausts excess turbulence and helps quiet the sound signature of your marker firing. A flash suppressor-style muzzle protects the crown of the barrel from accuracy-robbing dings while completing the aggressive assault rifle look. The Complex Barrel's matte black anti-glare finish means you won't be flashing sunlight reflections at your opponent to give your position away. The Valken Complex Rifled Paintball Barrel... get one and get the advantage!


  • Precision rifling for a more accurate shot
  • Linear porting reduces turbulence
  • Barrel crown protects the rifling and gives that tactical look
  • Flat black finish
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