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Valken Rechargeable Combat Stock

Valken Rechargeable Combat Stock

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Rechargeable Combat Stock FEATURES:
  • Designed for a rear wired Airsoft Rifle
  • 6 position retractable stock
  • Mil Spec buffer tube compatible
  • Sling attachment point
  • Accepts NiMH 8.4v or 9.6v Nunchuck batteries
  • Tamiya style battery connection
  • Protection overcharging board
  • Blade Fuse - 30 amp 
  • Battery not included 

  • WARNING: NOT Compatible with Li Po or Li Fe Batteries

    R.C.S. Rechargeable Combat Stock Installation
    Pre-Install Preparation
  • Remove the OEM stock.
  • Remove the buffer tube mounting screw in bottom of the tube.
  • Remove buffer tube.
  • Disconnect the quick connector wires from the wire leads coming from the back of the rifle. R.C.S. Installation
  • Install the R.C.S. stock body onto the buffer tube.
  • Using a small flat screwdriver, lift the short spring pin.
  • Slide the R.C.S. stock body all the way onto the buffer tube.
  • Remove the three screws from the butt plate.
  • Remove the butt plate and the back cap that holds the PCB/Fuse holder.
  • Feed the quick connector wires through the buffer tube.
  • Connect the quick connector wires to the wire leads coming from the back of the rifle.
  • Reinstall the buffer tube with the R.C.S. stock body mounted.
  • Carefully reinstall the buffer tube mounting screw.

  • Battery Installation 
  • Place the 9.6v or 8.4v NiMH butterfly type battery into the stock’s back slots on either side of the buffer tube.
  • Connect the mini Tamiya connector from the battery to the R.C.S. mini Tamiya connector.
  • Fully retract the R.C.S. stock.
  • Gently push the excess wire into the buffer tube. Make sure the Tamiya connection stays on top and goes in last.
  • Insert the back cap that holds the PCB/Fuse holder.
  • Extend and retract the R.C.S. to ensure free movement.
  • Mount the butt plate and reinstall the three screws.

  • R.C.S. installation is complete. The R.C.S. and is now ready to be charged using the charging harness or the Valken Stock Doc.

    Charging Options

  • Valken Stock Doc
  • The most simple option is to use the Valken Stock Doc, gently drop the R.C.S. stock into the Stock Doc.

  • Smart Charger
  • Connect the included charging harness into the mini tamiya connector of the smart charger. Plug the charging harness into the rear of the R.C.S. Stock.

  • Video Installation

  • Mil Spec Buffer Tube
  • G&G
  • Top Tech
  • VFC
  • G&P
  • ARES Proline
  • JG
  • SRC Gen.2/Gen.3
  • CA

  • Connection-Rear Wired AEG
  • G&G
  • Top Tech

  • With Slight Modification or Adaptor
  • VFC
  • G&P
  • ARES Proline
  • JG
  • SRC Gen.2/Gen.3
  • CA

  • Safety
  • Do not alter or modify the R.C.S. unless you are a certified technician, modifications can affect performance and damage the R.C.S.
  • Do not leave charging cycle unattended
  • DO NOT use LiPo or LiFe batteries in the R.C.S. it is for use with only NiMh 8.4v and 9.6v batteries
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