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Valken Tactical Airsoft Metal Propane Adapter

Valken Tactical Airsoft Metal Propane Adapter

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Are you in the habit of keeping your airsoft guns clean? Do you ensure the working condition of your gas blow back style airsoft replicas before and after every game? If you are one to heavily use Green Gas powered airsoft replicas, and are known for taking the extra step to keep them up and running via cleaning and lubing, then the use of propane is for you. Get more shots, for much cheaper with the use of propane in green gas replicas that can be used with it. Adding this adapter to camp stove style propane tanks allows for the filling of propane into the airsoft magazine. Please note: There are no flames involved. The propane gas is only used for it's pressure much like the green gas you already use.


  • Easy screw-on application
  • Fits most common 1 lbs. and other threaded propane tanks
  • Completely reusable
  • Compatible for both propane and computer duster gas
  • Reduce green gas cost by 80%

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