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Virtue High Roller Gear Bag Grey/Black

Virtue High Roller Gear Bag Grey/Black

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The Virtue High Roller Gear Bag is packed with features designed to make hauling your paintball gear there and back again both easier and more organized.

Goggle Compartment

The micro-fiber lined goggle compartment provides a safe, clean space to keep your goggle stored to and from the field. Keep those lenses looking as new and shiny as possible!

Front Storage

At the head of the High Roller Gearbag is a head compartment located underneath the goggle pouch, which provides for additional hidden storage options underneath the padded goggle compartment.

Gear Storage

The main compartment provides plenty of room to stow your gear, and features two neoprene padded gun pouches on either side, so you can keep your primary and back-up guns separate from the rest of the gear.

Velcro Patch Strip

The High Roller Gear Bag has two large velcro patch strips, so you can attach your own patches for easy identification. For a limited time, each High Roller comes with your own personal number.

Clean Clothes Storage

Inside the lid of the bag is another compartment, which you can use to store your clean change of clothes for the day, and keep them separated from the rest of your dirty gear.

Easy Access Front

On the outside of the High Roller is an easy access zipper compartment to store whatever items you want to have quick access to without having to dig through the rest of the bag.

Free Standing Design

The Virtue High Roller Gear Bag can be stored standing up without falling over. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

Mutliple Pockets

One mesh pocket, and two enclosed zipper pockets in the lid of the High Roller are perfect for storing tools, lube, spare parts, keys, wallet, identification, paperwork, etc.

Key Features:

  • Padded Microfiber Goggle Compartment
  • Two Neoprene Padded Gun Pouches
  • Easy Access Front Compartment
  • Multiple Internal Zipper Pockets
  • Free Standing Design
  • Padded Sides and Top
  • Reinforced Base
  • Multiple Carry Handles
  • Velcro Patch + Number Strips


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