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Virtue USB Adapter

Virtue USB Adapter

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Now you can customize your boot-screen and download software updates for all Virtue OLED and hopper boards.

The new Virtue USB adapter board. This inexpensive upgrade board allows you to connect any Virtue OLED board or Hopper board* into your PC via the USB port and a mini-usb cable (not included).

The USB board allows 100% backwards compatibility with all Virtue OLED gun boards and Virtue Hopper boards and allows you a fail-safe way of updating the hopper or gun software, and also allows you to customize your own boot screen for Virtue OLED boards.

  • Connect Virtue OLED boards to PC via Mini USB
  • Connect Virtue Hopper boards to PC via Mini USB
  • Download software updates to your Virtue Products
  • Customize boot screens on your Virtue OLED board
  • Compatible with future, additional wireless products--get ready!
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