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Virtue Vio Stealth Visor Goggle Fan

Virtue Vio Stealth Visor Goggle Fan

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Stealth Visor Fan Technology for your Virtue VIO
Take fog fighting to a new level by keeping rain, moisture, and condensation out of your goggle. Perfect for players who wear glasses or for circulating air inside your lens. The anti-fog dual pane VIO lens is supercharged when you add the Stealth Visor Fan so you never have to worry about your glasses or your lens fogging. Weighs a mere 1.6oz with two AAA batteries installed.

Ultra Quiet Operation
The Stealth Visor Fan is so quiet, you'll never hear it running during the game. With a brushless motor, the Stealth is 5X quieter than a whisper, which not only allows for ultra quiet performance, but also increases reliability and battery life.

Battery Saving Auto Shut Off Fan
To save battery life, the fan automatically shuts down if you don't move for an extended time, then turns back on once you start moving again.


This installs into the Virtue Vio Stealth Visor. As such, the Virtue Visor is required for installation. Not only will a fan/visor combo work on ANY Virtue mask, it will also work in most paintball goggles with vertical slats above the lens, like the Dye i4.

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