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Inception Designs

Inception Designs Inline HPR Regulator V2 - Black Gloss

Inception Designs Inline HPR Regulator V2 - Black Gloss

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A new improved regulator designed based off the Legendary Regulator used on the WGP Karnivor Electronic Autococker which was one of the fastest cycling production Autocockers ever made.

Now the V.2 version comes with an internal allen key location in the top to allow easy disassembly with a 3/8 allen key!

We updated the reg within the performance pressure range used on most modern guns with a greater spring stack, improved internal flow, protection for the reg seat to prevent damage, an anti-spike spring cap and we made it easier to work on by getting rid of the spring clip and by making the main reg piston removable with a simple 10-32 bolt.

The rotating collar means the macro line will always align with your guns ASA.

The regulator automatically de-gasses your gun when the downstream air source is removed which is an important safety feature and helps avoid accidentally discharging the gun.

Comes with the macro line fitting installed.
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