Inception Designs Retro FLE Autococker - Red/Yellow Fade

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Get this marker before it is gone! 
Only 50 of these guns will be built (across all color variants)

This marker is one of the newest iterations of the Autococker from Inception Designs, the RETRO FLE. This series of body takes full length bolts and utilizes 11/16ths valves for incredibly high rates of flow for better efficiency and accuracy.

This RETRO FLE comes with the Inception Designs RIP Hinge Frame installed.The trigger is mounted with precision roller bearings and uses a camming action to push the trigger plate back. This allows you a fantastic light trigger pull. The trigger has three set screw locations that allow you to change the lever ratio at which the trigger pushes on the trigger plate. This means you can have a shorter but slightly heavier pull (still lighter than any other hinge frame made) or a slightly longer and very light trigger pull. Frames will come as standard with the set screw in the lowest location for the shorter pull. The frame comes with our renowned ergonomics including the hump backed frame and our comfort grips. It is possible to hold the frame with three fingers wrapped around the frame and just one on the trigger. Your middle finger can fit behind the trigger while the trigger is being pulled for the greatest grip on the gun when precision shooting.

The RETRO FLE has the best pneumatics available. The Inception UFC-3Way, GTR-Ram and LPR. This combination is easy to tune, maintain and extremely reliable. This flagship marker is also built with the brand new FLE Slide Trigger Frame, which now offers even more sources of adjustment. These markers are shipping from the factory with the Brand New Inception Designs Trident Bolts installed.

 It also includes one of the iconic Inception Designs large gun case, which can be used to hold your new marker and many barrel tips and backs.

The Stella Barrel System is included with this gun. The Stella barrel kit is second-to-none for keeping you prepared for all paint boring situations.
The complete Stella barrel kit will ensure you are getting be best velocity, efficiency and accuracy possible. This gun is part of the Inception Signature Series. The carbon case included with this gun is signed by Simon Stevens and numbered.

Body Style:
FLE Platform: RETRO

Body Length: Full/Extended

Frame Style: RIP Hinge

Bolt: Trident 

Barrel: 1 0.675 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Back 1 0.680 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Back 1 0.685 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Back 1 0.690 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Back 1 0.695 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Front 1 0.689 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Front 1 0.697 (Color Matched) Stella Barrel Front

Color:  Red to Yellow Fade
Includes: Marker Case, Inception Barrel Cover