Mission Less Lethal TPR Less Lethal Pistol - Black/Orange

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When a dangerous situation arises, standoff distance improves the likelihood of a safe outcome. Mission™ less lethal personal defense systems maximize standoff to provide the ultimate protection for yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Whether for defending your home from an intruder, or yourself and family in a carjacking scenario; the Mission™ TPR® is the less lethal solution for you.

The Mission™ TPR® is designed to deliver an incapacitating agent directly to a suspect or area by bursting on impact to create a 5-foot defensive cloud of chemical irritant. This enables even the least proficient users to target the ground or an area next to an attacker, while still effectively neutralizing the target.

Mission™ OC Live Projectiles utilize a maximum strength blend of tear-gas and pepper powders that are more than 10 times stronger than Pepper Sprays commonly used by law enforcement. The temporary blinding, disorientation, and respiratory distress lasts up to 30 minutes, providing valuable protection without the risk of permanent injury or death.

Legal Disclaimer: This product is specifically designed for less lethal purposes and is not a toy. Product not for export out of the US, shipping restrictions apply. Product cannot be shipped to CA, NY, or MA due to State restrictions on product and/or mail order sales. Product must be shipped ground. Must be 18 or over to purchase.

Each Mission™ Personal and Home Defense TPR® Less Lethal Pistol includes:

  • a 0.68 Caliber TPR® Pistol,
  • a 7rd Magazine,
  • a Hard Safety Case,
  • User Manual and a Maintenance Kit with Spare Parts.

TRUSTED AMERICAN MANUFACTURER: Proudly made in Fort Wayne, IN USA by the world’s leading supplier of less than lethal pepper round launchers for more than 15 years, Mission Less Lethal™ and developed in conjunction with the world’s largest paintball marker manufacturer, Tippmann Sports®, as a dedicated less lethal launcher.

LONG RANGE EFFECTIVENESS: Deploys at 330 feet per second with no re-coil and with up to 66 ft. (20 meters) of Target Accuracy. Compared to Pepper Sprays with a maximum range of 12 ft. (4 meters).

ALWAYS READY NON-LETHAL PROTECTION: With our patented air system, the trigger punctures the C02 on the first trigger pull, so the user is always ready. Neutralize with pain, Incapacitate an attacker, and Impairs vision and breathing. Perfect for Home and Office security, Wild animal deterrent, or Personal and Home Defense.