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Tippmann Mag Adapter Package

Tippmann Mag Adapter Package

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This package includes both Tippmann's new Mag Adapter Kit as well as Tippmann's new 12 Ball Extended Mag.

Kit includes:

  • Mag Adapter kit with (2) 7 Ball Tru-Feed Mags
  • 12-Ball Extended Mag (2) Pack

Mag Adapter Kit

Get into the magfed game with this easy to install magfed conversion kit. Fits all Tippmann markers that use the 98 quick release feed elbow. Comes with one 12 ball extended magazine and is compatible with all TiPX & TCR magazines. Now there’s an economical way to play in magfed only games without buying a new marker. Quickly switch back and forth between the magfed & hopper fed configuration.

  • Fits all 98 Customs markers
  • Fits all US Army & TPN markers that use the 98 quick release feed elbow
  • Requires no modification or disassembly of the marker
  • Installs in seconds

12-Ball Extended Mags

Trufeed 12 Ball Extended Magazine 2-Pack

  • 12 Ball Capacity
  • First Strike Compatible
  • Lower Ergonomic Profile for Easy Grip
  • Self Locking Quick Release System
  • Durable Composite Construction

Add a 12 ball magazine to your game! Whether you are shooting the TCR or TiPX this magazine is sure to give you the right amount of paint to increase your level of play. The 12 ball magazine is first strike compatible and also features an ergonomic lower half to provide additional grip area.

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