USED Rare Tippmann SMG 68

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Up for grabs is a rare used Tippmann SMG 68. These markers are extremely rare and exceptionally hard to find in working condition. This marker has been tested by a Tippmann Factory trained tech and found to be in perfect working condition. This kit includes 10 VERY RARE stripper clips, a siphon tank, and 2 feed tube springs. 

Description taken from VintageRex:

The SMG-68 was originaly a semi-auto only gun. It is pretty much identical in function to the SMG-60, but was built to accomodate the larger "Standard" .68 caliber paintball.

The SMG-68 had a couple of different features than it's .62 cal counterpart, the biggest difference being the removable barrel.
While the SMG-60's all had fixed barrels, the SMG-68 was the first Tippmann to allow the use of different barrels.

 As stated earlier, the SMG-68 is strictly semi-auto. However, since the SMG-60 and the SMG-68 are so close in design, many users would simply swap the trigger and sear from a SMG-60 and place them into their SMG-68's. Thus making them full-auto. The red clips of the SMG-68 are highly coveted and sought after. The SMG-60's came in a variety of colors, black, brown, and most often found in orange. Another featore of the SMG-68 is the removable barrel.

 All the SMG 68's had the serial # located on the left side above the trigger. Back when the 68 Specials came out Tippmann would convert your SMG's into a 68 Special for $100. There were a lot of SMG's that were converted. When Tippmann did the conversion they did not remove the SMG tag with the Serial Number so even though the tag says SMG it is a 68 Special. 68 Specials had a hopper elbow cast into the breach.

The easiest way to tell a SMG 60 from a SMG 68 is that the feed tube is held on by a cap screw on the left side of the 60's.
The 68's the feed tube is held on by the barrel. The barrel has to be lessened up to get the feed tube out of the 68's
For the stripper clips to feed they must have paint in them or if you want to see how the clips work with out paint, you must find some way to block the barrel. The way the indexing of the stripper clips work is it uses back pressure to index them.