Used Tippmann 98 Custom Camo Paintball Gun with eBolt electronic kit

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This is a used Tippmann 98 Custom eBolt.   This started as a 98 Custom with a Realtree camo body, and it had the following added to it:

Tippmann Proshop eBolt kit (more details below)

Tippmann Proshop Regulator

Lapco sight rail

Lapco Aluminum Feedneck

Freak barrel system with back, tip, and 0.693 insert.

There are more than one version of the eBolt kit that was used over the years.  In our opinion, this is the best one.  The ASA is also a low pressure regulator that sends air through the small clear tube to the solenoid.  The solenoid then operates the ram, which is what replaces the rear striker/hammer that is usually used on a 98 Custom.  This kit also included a low pressure valve, complete with a lighter spring and and air chamber.  It also includes a special valve stem that does not allow blowback to the rear hammer, since it is not needed to recock the gun.  This results in increased efficiency and is quieter than the ones that don't use this special valve stem.  This version uses as standard 9 volt battery, and has an external on'off toggle switch.


We have thoroughly inspected and serviced this gun.  When it came to us, it had a slight leak in the valve, due to a valve seat oring.  We fixed that leak, and replaced a number of other items that wear over time, including the all the valve orings.  

Items replaced during service inspection include valve body oring, both valve seat orings, and all 6 orings in the Tippmann Proshop main regulator.  The reg seat was flipped to give it a new seating surface.  The pressure of both regulators was set, and chrono was confirmed to go as low as 225 and as high as 325.

While we had it apart, we took two photos, so that you can see how little wear (and use) this marker has had.  We did not clean this at all, it was this clean when it came to us. Simply put, this gun has had very little use.

Please see all the photos for condition.  It is in VERY nice shape for it's age, but it does have some imperfections.

We don't see these too often, and it is rare to find one this complete, in this condition, and in 100% working order.