Used Tippmann A5 Pepperball Gun w/ J&J Performance Barrel & FS 90 Degree Rotary On/Off ASA

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This is a listing for a used Tippmann A5 Pepperball Gun. This A5 Pepperball gun has been upgraded with a J&J Performance Barrel and a First Strike 90 degree rotary on/off asa. This marker is set up to fire pepperball rounds and not paintballs! This A5 has normal wear on it. This marker has been tested and found to be in perfect working condition. 

First Strike 90 Degree Rotary On/Off ASA
This tank adapter kit gives you the ability to run your new style Tippmann A-5 on 13ci/3000psi compressed air tanks with the bottle mounted under your barrel for a whole new compact marker set up.

Please see picture for more details.